Transport network

Transmax has a proven track record of helping customers optimise their entire transport network.

This service involves traffic engineers examining a group of intersections with the aim of ensuring that a platoon of vehicles is able to move efficiently through the intersections with the minimal amount of delay. Our traffic engineers can coordinate multiple intersections to optimise the flow of traffic through an intersection group.

Our team has direct access to and experience with STREAMS, the traffic management control system used by road agencies right across Australia and the system which coordinates the majority of Queensland’s traffic signals.

To date, we have generated over 1,800 personalities for road agencies, councils, developers and construction contractors, which are the fundamental building block to the efficient operation of a traffic signal. We can provide a complete network optimisation solution to support the achievement of a customer’s desired outcomes.

  • Collecting data from STREAMS and/or manual counts
  • Analysing patterns with each movement at an intersection level
  • Looking at data from different times to set-up a Time of Day (ToD) schedule
  • Creating a plan for each ToD schedule for each intersection to maximise efficiency
    Creating traffic signal timing plans that match the prevailing traffic conditions and with the road authority’s permission, configure the plans in STREAMS and then test the plans on site to ensure they work as intended
  • Conducting pre and post review analysis and assisting with the installation of the monitoring equipment to ensure that measurable results are obtained from the optimisation of the network
  • Inputting a test day of the configured plans that only runs once and observe the operations (preferably on-site) to determine their performance
  • Making slight alterations to traffic as we observe it on test day
  • Reviewing data to confirm improvements.

Wembley Road, Brisbane

Transmax conducted a pilot along a stretch of Wembly Road for the Department of Transport and Main Roads. The pilot contained 18 signalised intersections and involved the creation of a Coordinated Network Operations Plan for the corridor, the creation and optmisation of the traffic signal timing plans onsite as well as identification of minor works improvements for the corridor.

Pilot outcomes 

The pilot was a success with the following outcomes achieved:

Nebo Rd and surrounding area, Mackay

The opening of the Mackay Ring Road resulted in changed travel patterns through the city. Transmax was asked to conduct a post-project traffic signal coordination optimisation process to ensure that all possible benefits from the construction project could be realised. Transmax reviewed, updated and tested the traffic signal network timing plans and implemented Dynamic Plan Selection by Occupancy.


Our customer and the community realised a number of benefits from this work including: 

Mulgrave Rd, Cairns

Transmax undertook a full traffic signal coordination review of Mulgrave Rd in Cairns, containing 14 signalised intersections.

The project included:

    • a full data audit
    • a review of operational data and traffic patterns
    • creation and on-site testing of new coordination plans
    • implementation of Dynamic Plan Selection by Occupancy
    • recommendation of minor works to improve traffic flow

Project outcomes

This work enabled the following benefits to be realised by our customer and the community: