Traffic Services

Enhancing the sustainability and performance of customers’ transport networks.

In conjunction with STREAMS®, Transmax offers a range of services to enhance the sustainability and performance of customers’ transport networks, such as SIDRA analyses, traffic signal controller personality generation and network optimisation.

Personality Generation

A traffic signal controller personality is a configurable part of the traffic signal controller that needs to be developed for every intersection. Based on the operations detailed in the signal drawings for an intersection, our team of traffic engineers can:

  • create new / modify intersection personalities
  • test new / modified intersection personalities to ensure they operate correctly.
  • provide the intersection personalities either via email, PCMCIA Card/ EPROM or XPM Dongle

Quality Control

Once programmed, our traffic engineers perform functionality testing of the personality (including testing to ensure an intersection is compatible within STREAMS by uploading the personality on one of our intersection controllers and configuring it in a STREAMS test environment), review documentation and cross-check personality inputs to ensure the personality has been programmed correctly, operates safely, and meets the customer's requirements. 

SIDRA service

SIDRA™ is a software package Transmax uses for intersection and network capacity, level of service and performance analysis, and signalised intersection and network timing calculations.

A customer might engage Transmax to perform a SIDRA™ analysis on an intersection with the aim of:

  • improving safety for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • increasing the capacity of an intersection to help manage congestion
  • creating new Time of Day schedules for STREAMS and suggesting new plans to run (assessing peak AM/PM periods, school zones, or special events)


Network optimisation service

This service involves traffic engineers examining a group of intersections with the aim of ensuring that a platoon of vehicles is able to move efficiently through the intersections with the minimal amount of delay. Our traffic engineers can coordinate multiple intersections to optimise the flow of traffic through an intersection group. Read about how Mackay benefited from Transmax's Network Optimisation Service Service in this case study.

Our team has direct access to and experience with STREAMS, the traffic management control system used by road agencies right across Australia and the system which coordinates the majority of Queensland’s traffic signals.

To date, we have generated hundreds of personalities for road agencies, councils, developers and construction contractors, which are the fundamental building block to the efficient operation of a traffic signal. We can provide a complete network optimisation solution to support the achievement of a customer’s desired outcomes.


To find out more about our traffic services, you can download the full brochure here or get in touch with the team by emailing