STREAMS Training

Training designed to help customers utilise STREAMS to manage transport networks more effectively.


Transmax offers STREAMS users training sessions designed to help customers utilise STREAMS and its associated products to manage their transport network more effectively.

STREAMS training covers everything from ‘What is STREAMS?’ to ‘how to automate the system to respond to incidents’. Training is conducted by an experienced STREAMS practitioner and includes both theory and access to a STREAMS training system.

Each training session can be delivered in isolation or as part of a training series customised to meet your specific training needs.

Training can be conducted on-site at Transmax in Brisbane or on customer premises (internet access required). 

In-depth workshops may be available on request for select topics with our specialist consultants to investigate and discover ways of using STREAMS for particular scenarios.

If you’re interested in learning more about what STREAMS can do, or would like to find out more about training, get in touch with our team at:

Transmax has training videos available on the Transmax customer portal, if you are an existing customer please sign in or register for the customer portal: