Device Management

STREAMS connects to and integrates a range of field devices to allow road authorities to monitor and manage
their transport networks through a single, graphical user interface that is underpinned by real-time data.

The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) industry produces a variety of field devices that perform important functions to help manage and optimise transport networks. STREAMS provides transport authorities with a single, secure integration platform to manage these devices.

Using a single platform to connect to and integrate a range of field devices allows operators to monitor and control the system using a single, consistent graphical user interface. It also provides flexibility for customers to deploy best-of-breed technologies to meet various use cases as STREAMS can interface to any device or protocol simply by building a new device driver module.


Intelligent logic

The use of real-time data from field devices in an integrated ITS platform enables intelligent logic that can automatically drive adjustments based on changes anywhere in the transport network.

For example, STREAMS can use information it receives from environmental monitoring devices to set messages on variable message signs, advising road users of road conditions during severe weather events. 

The data from detectors on motorways is used as an input into sophisticated algorithms that integrate with traffic signals near motorway on-ramps and off-ramps. This prevents traffic from dangerously queuing from an off-ramp back onto the motorway, and regulates the on-ramp flow where there is a risk of breakdown occurring on the motorway.

The integration with video incident detection systems and automated incident detectors can assist operators to swiftly detect and verify an incident has occurred on their transport network.


Device driver model

STREAMS uses the same device driver model employed by computer operating systems. Using this driver model, STREAMS supports a vast number of different standards and protocol variations. Transmax can write new device drivers with relatively minimal effort, reducing the barrier to entry for customers to utilising new devices available in the market. Transmax also aims to support major standards as part of its product development roadmap.


STREAMS Compatibility Testing

Road authorities  using STREAMS require confidence that new devices they add to their system will work. Transmax provides a service to ITS device vendors to certify that their devices are compatible with STREAMS.


Protocol Compliance Tool and Testing Service

To assist ITS device vendors to support industry standard protocols, Transmax provides a tool that tests vendor implementations for compliance against these protocols. Transmax will then certify this compliance as part of STREAMS Compatibility Testing.

Transmax also provides a service to road authorities and ITS integrators for testing the implantation of devices they are procuring for protocol compliance. This ensures that the devices correctly implement the standard protocol in addition to being supported by the STREAMS ITS Platform.