Supported Interfaces

Summary of supported interfaces list

Traffic Management Systems

RMSSCATS ITS Port (version 6.4.1)Operational information (intersection status, level of congestion on intersection approach) control (Action List requests)
FLIR Systems/ Traficon InternationalProprietary ProtocolAutomatic Incident Detection, Viewing Detection Cameras

Video Management Systems

GenetecSecurity Center through the Security Center SDK supporting multi-window viewing (bandwidth, fps, resolution), pan, tilt and zoom.
DVTelLatitude through the DVTel/FLIR SDK supporting multi-window viewing, pan, tilt, zoom, 8 Presets, Local & Archiver Recording & Playback of all codecs and IP video cameras supported by DVTel/FLIR.

Customised Interfaces

Tunnel Control System Interfaces

Transdyn DYNAC ESNTCIPPublish FMS data and control requests (DMS, LUMS, Ramp, TEM, and Weather Station data; DMS, LUMS, and Ramp control) between STREAMS and DYNAC managed traffic systems
Custom SCADADigital I/OFire, lane, alarm sensors and over-height detector
Custom SCADAMODbus TCPLane use control system, public address system, alarm system, tunnel lighting and ventilation