Schematics provide traffic management centre operators with a stylised view of the road network.
This view can be used to present detail about the road geometry, lane markings, ITS devices and
road operation that is difficult to represent on a geographical map.

Our road schematics have been developed to work with STREAMS. They are intuitive, readable, clutter-free and minimise eye-strain. They provide context to assist in decision making.

Flood Monitoring Schematics

  • Dynamic awareness of device status and interaction
  • Increased efficiency and control in managing flooded roads



SCADA System Interface

  • Consistent user interface for traffic management centre operators
  • Simplified training of traffic management centre staff

Motorway Schematics with Field Response


  • Monitoring, data validation and full real-time control over traffic systems and devices
  • Optimised user-interface efficiency
  • Increased efficiency of incident and congestion management
  • Scalable
  • Visualisation of device status in a larger area


Video Wall Schematic


  • Real-time awareness of congestion and possible incidents
  • Increased efficiency in incident identification and resolution

Road Condition Information Sign Schematics


  • Strategic traffic management of signs that are widely dispersed
  • Initiate response plans by right-clicking on any link and selecting the appropriate plan
  • Response plans can be used to change the state of road condition information sign


Multi-panel CMS Sign Schematics

  • Simplify control of multi-panel signs
  • Easy to understand