STREAMS is an international award-winning Intelligent Transport System (ITS) that supports
road authorities to help save lives, reduce congestion and make road networks safer.

Reduced travel time during peak periods


Increase in sustainable peak flows


Reduction in motorway accidents


Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

** The benefits realised after improving Victoria’s most congested freeway with a STREAMS ITS solution.

The world-class ITS platform STREAMS enables road authorities to manage their transport network holistically, rather than as a collection of separate components. The unique software architecture provides a complete, integrated ITS platform supporting a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure, making it possible to manage traffic signalling, incident response, motorway management and other traffic services from a single system. This is one unique capability that sets STREAMS apart from other systems.

The ability of STREAMS to integrate in-built functionality, third-party systems, and numerous devices as a complete traffic management solution, coupled with its flexible and adaptable architecture, make it capable of dealing with the upcoming demands of the connected world of C-ITS. The forward-thinking design of the STREAMS architecture made it a mission-critical industrial ‘Internet of Things’ long before the industry realised the value of this design.

STREAMS can communicate with a vast array of devices and functionality, and will be able to connect with vehicles in the future, enabling intelligent control of intersections and vehicles in the same system.

STREAMS has been designed to evolve continuously to meet customers' current and emerging needs. As the future moves towards big data, STREAMS is ideally positioned to continue to integrate and collate historical, real-time and third-party data across the entire transport network.

STREAMS has a proven track record in Australia of delivering control to more than 13 traffic management centres managing more than 110,000 kilometres of roads and almost 80,000 ITS devices.


The benefits of an integrated ITS platform

Transmax is delivering significant benefits to road agencies, motorists and the broader community through the ability to meet their ITS needs in a single, integrated and sophisticated system.

Transmax supports customers to maximise the performance of their road networks by providing smarter, more sustainable ITS solutions. As a proven ITS integration platform, STREAMS is a key enabling technology in unifying and orchestrating these solutions.

In addition, STREAMS is helping road authorities save lives, as well as improve traffic flow and travel times on their road networks.