Construction Phase

Our services can equip you to maximise ITS outcomes and return-on-investment through all stages of road construction and transport network projects.

Our specialist solution integration capabilities can provide construction phase services that span the entire ITS lifecycle. From engagement at the conception phase through to the commissioning and operational phases, experienced Transmax engineers will assist you in maximising value-for-money and return-on-investment.


Construction phase services include:

  • Tender preparation, technical review, evaluation, assessment, and management
  • Coordination of critical ITS project phases
  • ITS device compliance and configuration
  • STREAMS acceptance testing
  • Factory, site and integration acceptance testing
  • Operational scenario testing
  • Data entry, configuration validation and system audits
  • System-to-system interface designs
  • Development of response plans and strategy management to meet specific operational needs of your project
  • Site test application service
  • ITS commissioning
  • Geographical map data drawing and schematic creation.

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