What We Do


Transmax’s investment in the evolution of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) software and services has resulted in a world-class integrated solution designed to optimise performance of the entire road network.



One of the key challenges facing road agencies today is maximising road network efficiency while reducing impacts on the community. Increasingly, road agencies are turning to more sustainable solutions to manage growing traffic congestion as an alternative to traditional road infrastructure expansion, which is very expensive and often involves the introduction of tolls to recover costs.

Transmax is helping road agencies and operators deliver community benefits to millions of Australians by providing innovative ITS solutions through our award-winning ITS platform, STREAMS.

STREAMS is a complete, integrated ITS solution supporting a comprehensive range of services and infrastructure, making it possible to run traffic signalling, incident response, motorway management and other traffic services from a single system. Our customers are realising the tangible benefits of optimising their transport networks while delivering significant community benefits including reduced travel times, improved road safety, fewer accidents, and a cleaner environment through reduced carbon emissions.

In addition, Transmax offers a wide range of solutions consulting, support services and hardware that draw on our capabilities which encompass the entire ITS lifecycle, from planning and execution through to optimisation, operations and support.